BUDGETS are lean, Marketing and Sales are at each other's throat, Production is ok but Accounting says, "Production doesn't help the bottom line - moving product does. Put production on hold, clear out old inventory and move the new".

PROCESSING can't keep up and Sales says, "We can't sell if we don't have product". The Biotech Source can help and you'll come out smelling like a rose. Keep your production animals going, sell your excess raw material (no pressure on PROCESSING) and when the tide turns you'll be way out in front - no lead time, proven animals and product to sell.

Then, too, perhaps your company has a very capable sales force, great distributor relationships, elaborate advertizing and promotional budget, brand identity, long-term contracts and loyal customers. No Problems?

Perhaps you are a small startup company with only one or a few products and too many hats. Your products may be of the highest quality, your prices may be fair but you are handicapped by low advertising and promotions budget, minimal sales force, and , temporarily, no real presence in the marketplace.

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"The Biotech Source" provides an outlet for companies, large and small, to sell certain products for a variety of reasons, allowing them to focus their marketing efforts on their primary product lines.