1. Since 1982 The Biotech Source (formerly Reagents International) has been supplying bulk immunological and biological products to the various diagnostic and immunological industries.
The Biotech Source is a FDA licensed repackager/relabler serving: Diagnostic kit manufacturers, clinical laboratories, instrumentation companies, universities, researchers and others.
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2. Immunochemicals by thebiotechsource
Customers rely on The Biotech Source to provide the "hard to find" quality raw material and custom services, often times more cost effectively than could be achieved in-house.
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3. Kits & Test Systems by thebiotechsource
The Biotech Source also provides sales support for many small companies that have specialized technical capabilities but have little or no marketing presence.
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4. Human Plasma/Sera by thebiotechsource
This allows The Biotech Source to offer its customers access to specialty products and services while contributing to the development of small, cutting edge technology companies.
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5. Classified Ads by thebiotechsource
One company may be discontinuing a product while another is expending resources to develop an identical product. The Biotech Source is the confidential link that can help both parties benefit.
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6. Products Wanted by thebiotechsource
By listing in The Biotech Source, companies can liquidate surplus product without affecting their standard pricing or divulging company strategy. By purchasing through The Biotech Source others can reduce the time and cost of development or production.
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7. Specials list by thebiotechsource
In addition, The Biotech Source offers its customers special pricing on packaging, shipping, and many other accessory products. The special pricing is made possible because of distribution and supply arrangements made directly with the manufacturers.
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